Mac Miller Freestyles on Funk Flex

Mac Miller stops by Hot 97 to spit a freestyle for Funk Master Flex.


(Video) Mistah F.A.B. Freestyles At #OccupyOakland

Personally i think its very important that people get involved in their local #Occupy movements; that have been forming all over the United States and the world. Rich people don’t mind paying higher taxes, especially when they have been charged less and less recently. Im not really for steal from the rich and give to he poor, because im pretty sure you worked really hard to be (rich) finically independent. Im also not sure that demanding compensation from the government or expecting the system to change is a realistic goal. We should be able to use some of that money to benefit our country as a whole; such as universal health care and paying for college tuition. It’s also very important that figures in our culture, celebrities, athletes, and especially musicians get involved. Rappers like Immortal Technique, Mistah F.A.B. ,Kanye West, singer Raheem Devaughn, even Russell Simmons have been see at occupy movements all over the country. Entertainers have strong voices, people listen to them.The more finically educated were are as a country, the less colossal misstakes will be made. There still a lot of people who are un-educated about the movement, its up to to us to educate each other and stop our dependence on main stream media and large finically institutions. That’s just how i feel, Hip-Hop is more than just music, it can also carry a message. It’s time we use it to bring light to the Occupy movement.- DJKiddMarvel