Kendrick Lamar – Hol’ Up Live (Video)

Camovement captured K. Dot performing Hol’Up at both SXSW’s Fader Fort and The Vibe House.


NerdsofRhyme Top 10 Albums of 2011 #2 Kendrick Lamar “Section 80”

Kendrick dropped a Classic, yes CLASSIC!!!! album with Section 80. Section 80  was released independently by TDE on July 2nd 2011. Kendrick claims that most of the inspiration for writing the album came from a dream he had; where Tupac told him “Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let my music die”. Section 80 is a direct refection of our Generation. With songs like Tammy’s and Keshia song telling stories about female hardships dealing with lying boyfriend’s and living dangerous lifestyles respectively. To songs like “Ronald Reagan Era” & “HiiiPoWeR” our society and how people deal with the issue life throws at us.Section 80 which was written for people born in the 80’s up untill now, has something that almost any and everyone born in that time period to relate to. Song to listen to all of them, really tho!! From “Rigamortus” to “The Spiteful Chant”, Kendrick spits some of the hardest, most though provoking lyric you will ever hear.Section 80 which was produced in house by the incredible TDE camp, with beats from Sound-Wave, Willie B, THC, Terrance Martin, Tae Beast, Tommy Black and more. Even J.Cole produced the single HiiiPoWeR, where Kendrick pretty much give us the blueprint for the meaning of the movement he and his fellow Black Hippy members created. This was definitely my favorite project of the year, and will be something that I cherish for the rest of my life. I really don’t have a favorite track on this album. I could really go in on every song on the album being my favorite at some point in time. I guess it depends really on what my mood is. Section 80 has incredible replay value, i don’t think its ever going to leave my playlist.