NICE Presents: Mike Stud – Springfield, VA (JUN 2013)

Empire/Progressive Music Group / National In Crowd Events Presents …


MIKE STUD at EMPIRE in Springfield,VA on June 19th!

Also Featuring

Cheyne and Matthew Thorsen
Garrett Zoukis
Shane Moyer

After graduating Duke, Stud transferred to Georgetown to continue his studies as a graduate student and to continue his attempt at regaining full strength on the mound. Needless to say, he also continued working on music in his down time.

Fast forward 14 months, and Stud is now one of the hottest upcoming musicians on the web. His rookie mixtape A Toast to Tommy, released last October, debuted at No. 3 and No. 2 on the worldwide and US iTunes Hip-Hop Albums charts. He has since headlined a sold-out 20-city national tour and has acquired nearly 10 million YouTube views. His versatility and fun, upbeat style has transformed Stud into a truly viral artist. With each new release, he is constantly showing the world that he’s about to take it over.


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