NerdsofRhyme Top 10 Albums of 2011 #3 J.Cole “Cole World: The Sideline Story”

J.Cole’s debut album was released on September 27th,2011.  The album debuted   #1 on the billboard charts, selling over 218,000 units. With most of the production done by Cole himself and also NO I.D. We still got the same chills Cole gave us on his three previous mixtapes on the album. Sideline Story was a very well rounded album, with songs that dealt about life issue, to songs about his personal life. As well as some party hits such as “Work Out” & ” Can’t Get Enough. Songs to listen to: definitely “Lost One'”, one of the deepest songs to come out in 2011. Lost One’s which was recored three years earlier to the album release,it deals with a young man and women struggling to deal with  getting an abortion or to keep the baby. Channeling both the point of view of Cole and his significant other. “Lost One’s” is a powerful song and a must listen on this album.  Cole also resurrected Missy Elliot on the album getting her to feature on “Nobody’s Perfect”, he also enlisted the big homie Jay-Z for “MR.Nice Watch”. In it’s own right you can argue for Cole World being the best album of 2011, because Cole put in the most work by doing most of the production and also murdering all vereses.


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