NerdsofRhyme Top 10 Albums of 2011 #7 Drake “Take Care”

The second studio album from Drizzy was released on November 15,2011. Take Care debuted on the billboard charts with 631,000 copies sold. As of December 21st the album had reached Platinum status selling over 1,175,000 units.  Many would say the album was too poppy and it sounded like an R&B album. Actually a lot of dudes would say that. Personally I thought the album was great, with 40 doing most of the production the album was defiantly more than a Rap album. Personally i can relate to some of the things Drake talk about on this album. Which is probably why i liked it as much as i did. Drake did kill all the song he actually rapped on this album which is no surprise the boy got lyrics. Drakeisms also dominated social networks late 2011; with everyone and their momma quoting a Drake lyric. Overall if your a female you liked this album, and if you were a nigga who doesn’t get pussy you definitely hated this one.


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