Is It Time To Dead Nigga’s In Paris??? Eleven Times Tho??

Okay i think it’s officially about that time to dead, Nigga’s In Paris, on of my favorite songs off WTT. Also always get the people going when im Djing. But after The Throne performed the hit 11, yes Eleven times at in Vancouver,BC  it’s time to stop the madness. I witnessed the WTT Tour during their stop in Baltimore last month. They performed the song just 3 times which was perfectly fine for me. But eleven times, come on son, I can name more than eleven songs they didn’t perform that would have fans going crazy. The video below was they nail in the coffin for me, wow like really nigga you need to chill on the drugs homie lol. Don’t get it twisted tho, ima still give the people what they want whenever im on the turntables; but you never catch me bumping this in my car, headphones etc for a while!!


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